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Spotlight: Miles Funeral Home


Funeral Director Ricky Mansfield and the team at Miles Funeral Home wanted more out of the Passare platform, and this is what they did about it.

Ricky Mansfield

Funeral Director

Miles Funeral Home

Holden & Sterling, MA

Call Volume: 500 Calls/Year

After 18 months on Passare, Ricky Mansfield knew that he and the rest of the staff at Miles Funeral Home could be doing more with the platform. That’s when he heard about the Adoption Plan. Now, Ricky wonders how Miles Funeral Home ever lived without Decedent Tracking, custom dashboards, and the Passare mobile app – all features his team learned to use through the Adoption Plan!

Were you using a case management system before Passare? If so, what made you want to switch?

Yes, we were using Director’s Assistant, but the platform didn’t do much of anything that we needed it to do, so we knew we had to upgrade our funeral home software. When I compared Passare to a competitor, Passare’s dashboard and user interface was very friendly to the eyes. I knew it was going to be streamlined and easy to teach employees. So, we went for it!

How did you hear about the Passare Adoption Plan?

When we signed on about two years ago, the Passare team said, “Use Passare for 6-12 months and let us know what we can do next to help you.” After 9 months, I talked to our staff, and through those discussions, we found that we could be doing a better job at using Passare to its fullest extent. Soon after, we moved forward with the Adoption Plan.

Every Adoption Plan is customized to a funeral home's needs. What did Miles Funeral Home's plan look like? 

We developed a strategy for weekly training for a total of 10-12 weeks. I met with Kelsey Swearingen, Director of Premium Services, and we discussed weekly goals and step-by-step trainings. After meeting with her, we decided to train half of the staff on one day and the other half on the next day. I was the champion who would facilitate the trainings in our conference center and make sure all our employees were present and attentive.

What was the biggest benefit of the Adoption Plan?

There are so many benefits! The first is that we’ve implemented the Decedent Tracking feature and the mobile app. It’s phenomenal. Looking back, I can’t believe that decedent tracking isn’t the standard for funeral homes around the country. With this training, we now know how to track the initial transfer and what vehicle the loved one is in, the room they’re assigned to, and whether they’re going to the crematory or to the cemetery – all from our phones! It’s pretty incredible.

Before this Decedent Tracking feature, we were using pen and paper and relying on everyone’s word. With Passare’s feature, there is no guesswork. The app provides the most up-to-date information about any case that anyone on the team can see at any time, including detailed notes and a chain of custody. Plus, our team has more pride and ownership over what they do because they know that keeping track of the loved one positively impacts the family and our team.

That's amazing! Is there anything else you're loving that you haven't mentioned?

The Passare team helped us create custom dashboards, including one for cremated remains and spring burials. And this sounds really simple, but the way funeral estimates are created is helpful. I worked with Passare in creating our own funeral estimates, and I love how easy it is for me to create a funeral estimate of goods and services in just one click and share that with the family right away. We created packages, so I can click a package that auto-fills half of the estimate right away. It’s similar to how Excel automatically calculates the totals as you go! Overall, our new dashboards are simple and have streamlined processes for us!

Is the Adoption Plan something you'd recommend to other funeral homes?

Yes, I absolutely would recommend it. In fact, I’ve already told a bunch of funeral homes that I use Passare and to drop everything they’re doing and call Passare TODAY. This experience has made our team more cohesive, even the part-time staff. We’re more comfortable using the platform and are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Passare and receiving ongoing support from Kelsey and the team.


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