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Spotlight: William F. Sellers Funeral Home

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Once Kris Sellers at Williams F. Sellers Funeral Home heard about Passare's integration with the PA EDRS, there was no turning back! Read about her experience.

William F. Sellers Funeral Home

Location: Chambersburg, PA

Call Volume: 100 Calls/Year

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Kris Sellers had heard about Passare but wasn’t quite ready to make a change until she heard about the integration with Pennsylvania’s Electronic Death Registration System (PA EDRS). She knew that this integration, in combination with Passare’s other features, would be a game-changer for William F. Sellers Funeral Home. She made the call to Passare and hasn’t looked back!

Other than the PA EDRS integration, what drew you to Passare?

For me, there were a few features that stood out. First, I was impressed with how user-friendly the system was. I’m not a techy person and seeing just how friendly the system was erased some of my worry about switching. There’s a learning curve, of course, but once you see how it’s done, it’s simple. Second, I checked out the videos, and they really drew me in. I was able to fully grasp Passare’s capabilities and could see how they would benefit us. And lastly, the people. In the funeral profession, nothing ever goes wrong Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s at 2 a.m. or on the weekend when I need help, and Passare always has a live person available to help. That’s huge!

What has been the biggest benefit that you have seen from using Passare?

I would say that the biggest benefit has been the immediate review of the contracts that are written in our company and just seeing what business we are doing on a daily basis. We have 6 different locations and that’s something that we just didn’t have access to before, so I love that at the end of the day, I can sign in and see what business we bring for the day.

What Passare features are you really loving right now?

Oh, I could name so many! I really appreciate that you can have everything in one place – all the notes and documents can be uploaded right into the system and there’s no wondering where things went. Also, because Passare is cloud-based, I’m no longer tied to the office. I can work from home, answer questions on the fly, and review a family’s case anytime, day or night. It saves me a lot of time and creates a lot of efficiency and flexibility.

With the Planning Center, families have the opportunity to plan online. How have your families responded?

Passare recently re-vamped the Planning Center, and while I liked it before, it’s much more user-friendly now. For families who aren’t as tech savvy, I give them a quick tutorial, and they see for themselves just how intuitive it is! Especially right now, with COVID-19, we’ve used the Planning Center quite a lot. We even had two families plan from Europe! After using the Planning Center, most families say, “That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.”

Another great benefit is that the family can go back into the Planning Center at any time to add additional information. They don’t have to call me or the funeral home to do that. If they find a new photo, they can upload it. If they find the DD-214, they can add it. If they decide to add new documents at 2 a.m., it’s no problem. There’s so much flexibility there. None of our families have had anything negative to say about the Planning Center – it’s all positive.

In fact, after seeing how simple it was to complete everything online, I’ve even had a few families decide to preplan!

That's wonderful to hear! Now, we both know that nothing happens in a vacuum. So, how would you rate the customer service you've received from Passare throughout this entire process?

Top-notch. The people at Passare were the biggest seller for me, and they are what keep me so excited about it. Every single person I’ve spoken with has been professional, positive, and has gotten back to me much faster than I am used to expecting. They have just been amazing. And I would say that the people working there are the biggest asset Passare has. The program is great, but when something doesn’t go right, it’s the people who are fixing it, getting back to you, and making you feel like you’re not hanging out there on a limb by yourself. It’s been a breath of fresh air, really.

So, if you were to tell another funeral director or professional about Passare, what would you say?

Actually, I just had the opportunity the other day! I’d say that it’s worth it. At the beginning, it may look overwhelming, but with the training Passare offers, you’re up and running so fast. So much of the system is self-explanatory, but if you get stuck, Passare’s incredible staff is standing by to help. The more you use it, the easier it becomes, and the more time you save. I’m just so excited about Passare, and I want everyone to know about it!

For Kris, it all started with a demo. Request one HERE!