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How Spring Grove is Always Innovating with Passare


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Skip Phelps, Chief Operating Officer at Spring Grove Funeral Homes in Ohio, has been using Passare for years. As Passare improved over time, so did the results Skip’s team saw from using the software every day.

Thanks to Passare, the staff at Spring Grove has been able to save time on everyday tasks and provide better service to families.

In this article, see Skips' full review of Passare and his thoughts on some of our newest features.

How would you describe your overall experience with Passare over the years? 

My experience with Passare has been amazing. I've been incredibly impressed with how the software has continually improved over the last decade.

Passare has been great for our funeral directors. And it's user-friendly, which makes it easy to train new staff. When I train new employees on Passare, I say, "If I gave you a folder full of documents, could you fill them out? If you can do that, then you can use Passare." It's that simple. 

How has Passare helped you serve families better?

The software has been great for our families. During the arrangement process, a family can easily go into the Planning Center and upload vitals. And if I have the vitals before the arrangement conference, we can focus on planning the service and celebrating their loved one, which is what families want to focus on anyway.

Do you have any favorite integrations?

We use a lot of integrations, but here are 3 we use daily.

First, we integrate Passare with Answering Service for Directors (ASD). Now, when we arrive in the morning, calls taken by ASD late at night are already cases in Passare. Without that integration, we'd be entering each call manually. It saves us so much time.

We also integrate with MKJ marketing. Everything from the name and photo to service information gets pushed from Passare to our obituary portal. 

Lastly, we integrate Passare with our local print company. With Passare's Public API, we can send data over to our print company for all our cards, signs, programs, and other print materials. This saves our media team a lot of time because they don't have to rekey all that information; they just push it over from Passare.

Are there any features in Passare you're loving right now? 

One of the biggest, most exciting releases is the AI Obituary Writer. When I got the announcement email for that feature, I immediately opened Passare and created a test case to try it out.

The hardest part of writing an obituary is getting started. The AI Obituary Writer provides a great starting place with great adjectives and descriptions. You'll get a good first draft if you put all the correct information into Passare. You still have to review everything AI writes, but this feature is truly amazing!

We also use eSignatures in Passare every day. That feature has saved us thousands of dollars a year.

What's been your experience with Passare's Premium Support Services?

Before being a Premium Support customer, I thought the Passare support team was great. They were so great that I wondered why we would even need Premium Support services.

But we have 16 funeral directors and a team of support staff who use Passare daily. Our management team needed extra help implementing continuous training for our staff and training any new employees we might have.

On top of that, I had a list of Passare features to implement at Spring Grove, and we weren't making any progress implementing those features on our own.

For those reasons, signing up with Premium Support was a great decision for our funeral home. Our management team has greatly benefited from the extra help Premium Support provides with Passare training, and we’re now using a lot of features we tried to implement on our own for years.

The support at Passare has just been amazing.

Would you recommend Passare to a colleague?

Absolutely. A big difference with Passare is that they've invested in a team that will continue to develop Passare and make the software better. I'll probably be retired, and they'll still be innovating new features.

I firmly believe Passare is the best software solution for funeral homes.

About the funeral home:

Skip Phelps serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Spring Grove Funeral Homes. Each year they serve roughly 1700 families across their 10 locations in Ohio.

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