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New Improvements: Go Fully Paperless with Passare eSignatures

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Imagine having a completely paperless signature process where you can get signatures from families within minutes, whether they are in person or far away. Now imagine your eSignature tool is integrated with your case management software, making it easy to view and track completed forms.  

Too good to be true?

Not with Passare! With our newest improvements to our eSignature tool, a paperless signing process is a reality.

No matter the case type or the signer's location, Passare eSignatures will help you get the job done. Here's the breakdown of these new enhancements and how they will help you and your families have a better signing experience.

New enhancements to eSignatures


Allow families to complete paperwork on their own time

Sometimes, the paperwork process goes smoothly. You meet with the family to discuss all of the details, and everyone is present and ready to sign. But other times, things don't go so smoothly.

Not every signer will be available to sign, or the family might need more time to look over the paperwork before signing. This makes tracking down every signature a difficult task. 

With these new improvements, you can provide signers with a QR code to scan from their mobile device and sign documents immediately. That way, signers can easily sign when they're ready while you keep track of everything in Passare, leaving you feeling less stressed and more organized.


Make the process easier for everyone

In Passare's at-need planning tool, Planning Center, families can easily complete paperwork using eSignatures. But when families don't have an account, you're left trying to find an easy way for them to fill out paperwork on the spot.

Now, whether a family is states away or right there in the arrangement conference, you only need to have the signer scan a QR code or send them a custom link to easily view and sign documents without the hassle of logging in or creating an account.

This means easy, quick signatures for everyone - Planning Center account or not.


Gather signatures for any case type

Often, you need paperwork signed for more than just your at-need cases. And now, you can reap the full benefits of eSignature technology in almost every aspect of your business.

This new release allows you to gather signatures on:

  • At-need cases

  • Trade cases

  • Pet cases

  • Cash sales

So, when we said you could make your signature process completely paperless, we meant it. You can finally ditch the printer and toner ink and go paperless when requesting documents to be signed for any case type!

We send our deepest regrets to your printer. With Passare, its services won't be needed for signatures anymore. 😆


Go fully paperless with Passare eSignatures

Gone are the days of using eSignatures with some families and having to print out forms for others. Whether signers are in your office or across the country, seamlessly get every document signed with Passare's eSignatures.

If you’re a Passare user, visit this help article to learn how you can use eSignatures in your funeral home, or contact our support team to get set up.


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