The Six Types of Funeral Consumers
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WEBINAR: Reaching Families in a Changing Funeral Home Landscape

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Most families have shifted the way they view funerals. This webinar explains what you can do to meet families' changing needs, preferences, and expectations. 

What are families looking for?

We don't have to tell you that the families have changed. Whether it's how they want to communicate or if they see the value in having a service, most families have shifted in the way they view funerals. More families are opting to forego tradition and choosing options that provide a more unique and personal tribute. Most funeral consumers don't want a cookie-cutter funeral. Instead, funeral directors are finding that they want:

  • Personalization that provides an experience

  • Livestreaming options for friends and family who can't attend

  • Same day visitation and service

Meeting families where they are, showing them the value of a healing and meaningful funeral, and giving them the tools to create the funeral they want is the challenge funeral professionals face today. If this scenario sounds familiar, don't worry, you're not alone. Several funeral directors from around the nation voiced their concern and problems with reaching today's families in the webinar above. 

The first step is understanding the families that walk through your door. According to an in-depth market analysis for the funeral profession, there are six different types of funeral consumer personas. Each has their own preferences, beliefs, values, and views when it comes to funerals. If you can understand which persona you're speaking with, it could help bridge the gap and allow you to meet the needs of that particular funeral consumer. 

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