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The Ultimate Tool to Improve Team Communication in Your Funeral Home

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Written by Jessie Goggans, Passare Product Marketing Manager 


Let's be honest:
It takes a village to create a meaningful service.

From the first call to arrangements and services, a lot of details get passed around between your team. That’s why it’s important to stay updated.

But with so many tasks and helping hands, it’s hard to stay on the same page.

You want your families to trust you to listen and take care of them, but this becomes hard to do when crucial details get lost in the shuffle. Giving the wrong details on accident can leave your team (and your families) frustrated.

That’s why you need a reliable way for your team to communicate all details and updates. Improving team communication makes for easier collaboration, less frustration, and ultimately more confidence and accuracy when communicating information back to your families.

There are many different tools and apps you can use to communicate as a team (no, sticky notes don’t count!). We’ve even heard of funeral homes using a text group message to communicate updates and questions. While this is still a way of communicating as a team, it’s easy to lose track of previous messages or handwritten notes when you work on so many different cases in a day.

What if there was a way to attach communication threads to each case you worked on as a team?

Now we’re talking! 👏

Just recently we’ve released new upgrades in Passare that can help you do exactly this. Now, all your thoughts are in one place so everyone can see what’s been worked on in a case.

Passare Mobile Notes lets your team effectively communicate all the details, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Here are the 3 biggest benefits of this tool:

#1: Stay organized

Users can organize their notes by giving each note a title and marking urgent details with an “important” status. With the ability to title your notes, you can have full context in a smaller number of words and in less amount of time. Plus, notes marked as important can be easily seen if a task needs to be done right away.

With these features, everyone on your team on that case will know exactly what’s been done and what needs to be done on a case!

#2: Build better communication habits 

Throughout the day, so many details get passed around between your team. With all the moving parts, it’s easy to get frazzled trying to keep up with details for each family you’re serving - especially when you’re serving several families all at once. Mixing up these details and giving the wrong information by accident can cause you to lose the trust of your families

Avoid stress by using a consistent communication platform to relay information to your team. With Passare notes, your team can collaborate and streamline internal communication to stay up to date on all your cases - no matter how many you’re working on in a day!

#3: Improve team collaboration

You don’t have to remember every detail because Passare “remembers” it for you (as long as your team documents it in notes :wink: ).

Any user can log details on a case, tag other users, and comment on notes, making it truly collaborative. this keeps a record of what’s been done on a case and keeps the conversation going to make sure no detail gets lost in the shuffle.


Improve team collaboration and communication with Passare

Here is how you can start improving team collaboration with Passare notes:

  1. Download Passare’s Mobile app to manage cases on the go.

  2. Turn on notes & notifications to stay up to date on case details and updates.

  3. Get your team on board by encouraging everyone to communicate and log notes all in one place.

And never lose track of another detail again!


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