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The Top 3 Things to Consider in a Credit Card Processing Company


Accepting and processing payments for your funeral home business doesn't have to be challenging. Learn more about one of Passare's partners: First American.

In today’s society, paying with cash or check has been declining for years. In fact, in a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, participants were asked about their spending habits and methods of payment. Among survey participants in 2020, the top three methods of payment were:

  • Cash - Used 19% of the time

  • Credit - Used 27% of the time

  • Debit - Used 28% of the time

Just take a look at your own spending habits for a moment. How often do you use cash? Card? Check? If we were to guess, cards are likely your most used method of payment. The fact is, the ability to accept credit card payments in your funeral home is a must. The families you serve expect a card option, even if it comes with an extra fee. 

Choosing an electronic payment processing company can be overwhelming, whether you're (1) a funeral home owner who hasn’t yet stepped into the electronic payment world or (2) someone looking for a different solution. There are so many options, from Stripe, to Square, to your local bank. How do you know which one is right for your funeral home?

To help, we’ve put together this guide to share the top 3 things to consider when selecting a credit card processing company for your funeral home business.

1. Look into rates, fees, and equipment costs.

Before selecting a card processing company, it's important to look into the pricing options offered. Understanding rates and other fees can help you make the right decision for your business. Rates can differ based on the size of your business and your monthly processing volume

Flat rate - If you don’t have a lot of volume, flat rate pricing is a great option. This type of pricing sets a single rate for all transactions regardless of the size of your business or monthly volume. With other pricing options, rates can vary by card type and processing method. With a flat rate you always know exactly what you’re being charged.

Interchange or tiered pricing - If you’ve been processing card payments for a while and typically see a large monthly volume, interchange plus or tiered pricing is probably what you’re used to. With these pricing options, the rate is going to be lower, however, other charges vary by card type and processing method.

For example, you’ll likely be charged more to process an American Express credit card vs. a Visa card. Another example is card-present vs. not present. Typically card-present transactions cost less because processors consider card-present transactions less risky. However, even with the varied charges, the overall rate is still typically lower than a flat rate. 

Let's compare: 

Pricing option


Transaction fee

Card rate

Total processing amount

Flat rate











When it comes to equipment, such as payment terminals, always check for ongoing costs like upgrades or monthly fees. Processors may throw in extra fees without you noticing.

Always look for a processing company that offers transparent pricing. If you don’t understand their pricing structure…run! 

2. Investigate their customer support.

The next thing to consider when selecting a credit card processing company is its customer support. Sometimes issues arise when you least expect them to.

What if you run into technical problems with your payment terminal? What if you have questions about your monthly billing statement?

Many processing companies offer 24/7 customer support and direct help from an account representative. A helpful account representative should be able to explain any fees or costs you don’t understand and be available if you have questions. Sometimes it's worth paying a little extra to avoid unreliable service for your funeral home.

3. Examine its convenience.

You’re busy running your business and serving families, so getting paid for your services should be as convenient as possible. Likewise, you should be able to accept payment anywhere, anytime. Let's say you're at the cemetery, and a family wants to make a payment right then and there. Your credit card processing provider should make that transaction possible.

First American is for You

Now that you know the top 3 things to consider when selecting a payment processing company, you should also know that we've taken the guesswork out of finding the right payment processing company for funeral homes! After plenty of research, we've found a company that understands the funeral business, is customer-oriented, and provides flexible service agreements: First American.

With this payment processing integration, you get the convenience of taking payments, receiving notifications, and running reports all from one place: Passare! Additionally, you get transparent pricing, free equipment, and excellent customer support. First American offers pricing options that meet the needs of all customers. They also provide one free payment terminal per location! By the way, did we mention it integrates with Passare's case management platform? That means you can process and enter payment information at the same time!

First American has an excellent support staff who has won call center awards for seven years in a row. They’re open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. So, if you ever take a payment outside of Passare’s normal business hours, you can give First American a call, and they’ll be able to assist you! First American works with funeral homes across the country, so they know and understand your unique processing needs. And with this integration, you get the peace of mind and convenience of processing payments through Passare.

No more research needed! Contact Passare’s support team at or 800-692-5111 to learn how to sign up with First American.

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