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What is Passare?

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What is Passare? It's a software with all the tools you need to manage your business and connect with families. Watch the video below and see all the ways Passare can benefit your funeral home. 👇👇👇 



Why every funeral home needs a reliable software


All funeral homes deserve reliable software. Why? Because with the right platform, your team will get tasks done efficiently, and working with families will become less stressful and complicated.


But not all funeral home software is created equal. And whether you're looking to replace an outdated system or just get more organized, committing to a new software is a big decision.  


Here's a brief introduction of Passare to show you how an all-in-one case management system can improve your workflow. Keep reading to see how you can benefit from great software!


How Passare can help you increase efficiency and service to families


Passare is a funeral home software that is leading in innovation and has top-of-the-line features to make managing a business easy. Here's a quick introduction to our main features and services:


30+ software integrations

We have 30+ integrations to help you succeed, including unique aftercare programs, answering service integrations, memorial printing, preneed providers, websites, and more. Passare has more integrations than any of its top competitors, which will help you streamline processes in almost every area of business.


Cloud-based capabilities

Passare is cloud-based, so you can access it on any device in and out of the funeral home. In addition to that, you can now access your case files from your phone with our mobile beta app, adding your cell phone to the list of devices compatible with Passare.


Single-point entry

Our software is a single-point entry system, which means you can type information once on a device, and it automatically syncs on all other devices in Passare. No more retyping data over and over again!


Family collaboration tools

One of Passare’s most popular features is Planning Center. Planning Center allows you to connect with families during imminent-need and at-need cases. By working with families before the arrangement meeting, you get a head start on collecting information and are able to plan more personalized services. Not to mention, you can now take payments in Planning Center to make the payment process easier and faster for you and your families.


5-star support

Learning new software is hard, but not with Passare. Our customer support team is nothing short of five stars when it comes to making the software switch. We’ll help you implement the software and continue checking in with your funeral home afterward to make sure you’re able to use Passare to its fullest potential. We’ll even help train new staff members later on, so you don’t have to!


Innovative barcode tracking technology

Passare’s barcode tracking app has helped funeral directors everywhere keep up with belongings and personal items. Funeral directors can track anything from jewelry to clothing, log specific items, and leave notes about specific belongings. Unlike any other app in the profession, Passare’s app allows you to track any disposition type and see tracking information anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Constant updates

We’re constantly working to improve and update our software, and we do it free of charge. Passare is best for those looking to use technology to streamline business processes, increase team collaboration and better connect with families.


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