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3 Phrases You Can Ditch with an Online At-Need Planning Tool

3 Phrases You Can Ditch With This Convenient Online At-Need Planning Tool For Families

Did you know a recent funeral consumer study found families comfort level with planning a funeral online has increased by 44% since 2011?

On top of that, acceptance rates to Passare's online Planning Center have surged by 55% since 2021, with 17,500 invitations accepted in 2023.

And when you consider that 22,000+ family members interacted with funeral homes online through Passare alone last year, it’s evident that the use of online at-need planning software has seen significant growth in the past decade.

But with new technology comes the concerns of how it can be used and how families will accept it.

Many funeral homes are hesitant because they think an online at-need planning tool will make the process too complicated for families. Why spend time learning a new feature when families won’t want to use it?

This is far from true! The right planning software will make things easier for your families, not more difficult. Keep reading to learn how to help your families embrace using online at-need planning software without hesitation.

Using online at-need planning software for ultimate convenience

From logging in to making a payment, you need an online tool that will guide families through the entire planning process. Passare’s Planning Center makes the process easier for families each step of the way. Here are 3 phrases you won’t hear when using Planning Center to provide ultimate convenience for families.

3 phrases you can ditch with Planning Center

#1: Skip the "I forgot my password" frustration.

If you've ever struggled to recall a password or set up a new login, you know how frustrating it can be to create a new log in when you’re trying to complete a simple task.

With Passare's Planning Center, logging in is easy.

Provide families a quick way to get started through a sign-in link via text or email. Families can also opt for a one-time passcode. With one-time passcode, families can easily complete tasks at their own pace without the need to remember a password they created.

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#2: Avoid the "Has anyone done that yet?" moment.

When multiple family members collaborate on a service, it's easy to run into the "Has anyone done that yet?" moment. From writing the obituary to selecting the floral arrangements, you need an organized way to keep up with who’s done what.

Personalized checklists in the Planning Center can help you and the family avoid confusion! With this feature, you can:

  • Prepare families for the arrangement conference by creating a checklist of what to bring.

  • Create a personalized list so families know what's left to do before the service. 

  • Make checklists viewable for families to indicate when you've completed tasks, such as filing the death certificate.

  • Keep everyone on the same page to make sure even the smallest details don’t fall through the cracks.

By using features like checklists in Planning Center you can guide families through tasks even when they’re planning online. That way, no details get overlooked.

#3: Eliminate the “Hold on, that’s a different program” juggling act.

Does your process sound like this? 

"You can sign documents using our eSignature software. This other platform is for uploading photos for the memorial video. Then, when it comes time to make a payment you can use our payment portal."

Without an all-in-one at-need planning solution, your families will end up juggling multiple platforms to complete different tasks. Plus, it leaves you having to switch between multiple platforms when finalizing the arrangements.

This isn’t convenient for anyone.

Planning Center eliminates the need to bounce between different platforms to complete tasks. With it, families have a central place to:

  • Browse and select merchandise

  • Add vitals information

  • Complete paperwork 

  • Work on the obituary

  • Upload photos for the memorial video

  • Make payments 

  • And more!

Plus, you can communicate directly with the family in the Planning Center to keep them informed and give timely support when they need it.

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Create the most convenient at-need experience for families

When families lose a loved one, they need the support of funeral staff to guide them through the funeral planning process. With Planning Center you can serve them in the most convenient way possible.

Take a tour of the Planning Center today, or request a demo of Passare to see the entire platform.


Start using Planning Center today

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