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3 Ways to Connect with Resolute Rookies


3 Ways to Connect with Resolute Rookies

When something around your home needs fixing, do you try to do it yourself or turn to an expert?

Nowadays, many of us go online to figure out how to fix things. Similarly, many people looking to plan a funeral think they can find everything they need with the help of Google and YouTube.

While the internet does have some valuable tips, families still need an expert to turn to. They need you.

With the help of McKee Wallwork + Co. and Funeral Directors Life, we conducted a study on the changing behaviors and preferences of today’s funeral consumers called The New Funeral Consumer. The study resulted in 5 key findings and identified 7 consumer segments.

Each consumer segment has differing views and comfort levels with funerals, so we created profiles on each. Take a peek at each type here.

Let’s take a closer look at our first type, which just so happens to resemble the behaviors mentioned above. :wink:

Resolute Rookies at a glance:

Most likely to try to do everything themselves - even when it comes to funerals. 

Named after their unwavering attitudes, Resolute Rookies have a do-it-yourself approach to life…and funerals. They are a younger group and tend to have the least exposure to funerals. Therefore, they do not see much value in funerals. This segment will likely say, “I can research and do this all myself. Who needs experts?”

Resolute Rookie's basic profile: 

Resolute Rookies are constant in their beliefs, money-savvy, eco-friendly, and social. Let’s get to know some basic information based on our study:

  • Primarily ages 35-44

  • Over 70% have higher education, including college or technical school

  • Average income is $74,000, which is higher than the national average

  • 52% identify as Christian, while 24% say they don’t identify as anything

Resolute Rookie's funeral preferences: 

These consumers are less trusting of the funeral profession than others. They’re more comfortable planning arrangements online than in person with you.

More insights:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 don’t see a need for funeral homes or mortuaries (400x higher than the next closest group!)

  • 37% would rather make arrangements online than in person

  • 49% believe funerals are beneficial

  • 36% think they could do a better job planning a funeral than someone else

  • 51% would have no idea how to conduct a funeral

Since most Resolute Rookies prefer to explore, plan, and finalize all their funeral arrangements on their own, your funeral home needs a way to let them do just that.

Planning Center is the perfect tool that lets Resolute Rookies make all their funeral plans on their terms. It also helps you connect with more Resolute Rookies and keeps you involved in the planning process!

Here are 3 features within Planning Center we are sure Resolute Rookies will appreciate:

#1. Shop digitally

One of the easiest ways you can cater to Resolute Rookies is by giving them the option to shop for funeral merchandise online. Among Resolute Rookies, 92% have purchased merchandise online, giving you great odds for success!

Viewing caskets, urns, flowers, and keepsakes from the comfort of their own home fits well with their usual online shopping habits. Resolute Rookies can view your products online, sort your inventory based on cost, pin their favorite items, and narrow their selections to find what they need.

Plus, you can keep track of their pinned items and even add those to the contract! All of this can happen without the family needing to step into your funeral home, which is what most Resolute Rookies hope for.

#2. Sign digitally

Resolute Rookies are pros at integrating technology into their daily lives. If there is a way to do a task online, they are doing it.

Resolute Rookies are not interested in jumping through a million hoops to complete paperwork. They would rather sign on their own time than make a trip to your funeral home.

With eSignatures, families can quickly sign any document you send to them through the Planning Center, and you can easily stay up to date on the status of each form. Sounds like a win-win!

>>> Interested in learning more about eSignatures? Check out our eSignature guide here.

#3. Write digitally

Writing the obituary can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Resolute Rookies will be less inclined to join the obituary writing process if they have to devote a lot of extra time.

With Planning Center, you can allow a collaborative process when it comes to writing the obituary! You and the family can work through the obituary together and see changes in real time. Families can add the photo they want to use, pick a template, or write their tribute – all in Planning Center.

Once you have finalized the obituary, friends and family can view it online to read at their convenience.


Bonus! - Learn digitally

Just because Resolute Rookies want to explore their funeral options and make arrangements on their own doesn’t mean they know how to do it all on their own. They need help, and you can give it to them.

Add educational articles and videos to Planning Center so this group can learn more about the importance of funerals, healthy grieving, veterans benefits, and more. This small addition can also help Resolute Rookies feel confident in their decisions by giving them the information to make the right choice for their family.

>>> Looking for funeral topics to include? Start here!

Time to connect...digitally

Resolute Rookies are younger, steadfast in their beliefs, and have low exposure to funerals. They also love doing things online by themselves. So, let them.

Offer these funeral consumers digital solutions – like Planning Center – so they’ll choose to work with you instead of your competition.

And remember, Planning Center in no way replaces you or your care. It opens the door to this group of funeral consumers, which then gives way to you serving them like only you can.

For more information about Resolute Rookies and the other consumer types, please download our New Funeral Consumer eBook.

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