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4 Nice-To-Have Features to Add to Your Software Wish List

You wake up on Christmas morning to multiple gifts addressed to you. You open yours to find a bunch of….


You’re happy to receive them. Sort of. While they’re basic essentials that you needed going into the new year, you were kind of hoping to get something a little extra, like grilling tools or even a new set of irons.

There are certain software features that are like socks - you can’t live without them. In fact, we identified 8 must-have features in our last article, check them out here. But let’s take a look at some additional software features that would be a little more exciting to open on Christmas day. These tools will make your life easier and get you the most bang for your buck.

1. Mobile app

Can your filing cabinet or computer fit in your pocket? That would be impressive, but likely not. Can you answer an urgent case question while you’re at the grocery store, lying in bed, or watching the big game? Without your cases in front of you, not exactly. However, web-based case management software with a supplemental mobile app allows you to take your cases with you wherever you take your phone. So, while not essential to the way you run your business, a mobile app would be nice to have when you’re on a removal, away from the funeral home, or just on the go.

With Passare’s mobile app, you can start and edit cases from the mobile app. Everything you do on mobile syncs back to the Passare desktop, so no matter what device you start a case on, the information will appear everywhere in Passare. Check it out! 

2. Online Merchandise

This nice-to-have feature goes hand-in-hand with the family collaboration features a software has to offer. Offering your merchandise online allows families to preview caskets, urns, flowers, keepsakes, and more. By viewing your full price list, families will know their full options and ultimately make better selections for the service.

Passare’s Planning Center gives you the option of offering your merchandise and price list online. Take a tour today.

3. Reports

A key part of owning a business is knowing where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Reporting can help with that! Building custom reports for your business allows you to track specific key metrics to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about your business’s overall health, cash sales, specific items sold, and more. Most case management software offers some sort of reporting feature, but you always want to double-check the quality and amount of reporting features offered by a company. These features are definitely nice-to-haves!

Passare has a large reporting system that gives users the ability to create reports on virtually anything. Not to mention, you can build custom reports free of charge. See how Passare reporting can help you achieve your business goals next year.

4. Dashboards

Finding software that can create dashboards specific to you and your staff is helpful in more ways than one. Having the ability to view case listings, manage incoming documents, and see notifications and reminders all in one place can improve employee productivity and team communication. Here are a few things to look for when comparing dashboard features:

  • User friendly interface and settings

  • Ability to add multiple reports and widgets to dashboards

  • The option to create dashboards for each staff member

With Passare, you can create a standard dashboard to share with your entire team and also build dashboards specific to each user in your funeral home. With this, each staff member can see specific filters based on their role and access the main dashboard all within Passare. So, instead of taking time out of your day to write everything out on the wall, try this dashboard solution to improve efficiency and communication for each member of your team.

Find out more about dashboards here.


Ask for something a little extra this year

Purchasing a new software is a huge investment for your business, and while it may be easier to go with a cheaper software with all the basics, investing in software with some additional features to help streamline your business processes will be well worth the money. So, don’t hesitate to ask for something a little extra this year!

Download our free guide, the Funeral Home Software Live Demo Guide, for essential features to look for in a software, a checklist template, and a list of questions to ask in your next meeting.

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As you put together a list of features that would make up your dream software, it’s smart to start looking at what’s out there. We’d love to meet with you and see if Passare checks all the boxes on your wishlist. Set up a meeting with an account executive today and find out!

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