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4 Strategies to Increase Staff Buy-In for Barcode Tracking

Increase staff buy-in


Have you ever wanted to implement new technology in your funeral home?

Let’s say you’re excited to finally implement barcode tracking as your digital chain of custody.

You’ve read about the benefits.

You know what product you want to use.

You talk to your team…

…And their reaction is less than ideal. Their questions and concerns are making you doubt if this change will be worth it.

Deciding on new technology for your funeral home is one thing; getting your staff on board is another. But having a plan for communicating the change can help!

Below are 4 strategies for getting your staff on board and setting them up for success when implementing a new system like barcode tracking.

#1. Share your why

First, you must get your team on board when leading your funeral home through a transition. People want to understand and know where the change is coming from. Use your passion and enthusiasm to get your staff just as excited about change!

Tell them why your current technology or process is due for an update. Share your commitment to wanting to provide the best service to families. Share your concerns about avoiding worst-case scenarios. Share your belief that families deserve to know what’s going on every step of the way.

Be honest about the struggles you have had with your current tracking system. Then, share why barcode tracking can help with some of those obstacles. Here are a few benefits to jog your memory:

  1. Lower liability and potential mistakes

  2. Provide a high level of service to families

  3. Track everything in one place

  4. Track third-party transfers

Transparency, openness, and honesty will go a long way with your team, and they will likely be reminded why they trust you as their leader. 👏

#2. Acknowledge that change is hard

Next, acknowledge to your staff that change is hard. It will take everyone working together to ensure the success of a new system. Explain how you are going to lead them through the change.

Every staff member will rely on one another to input accurate and up-to-date information into the system. Without accurate information, the system will not do anyone any good and could potentially lead to tragic mistakes. It is going to be a team effort!

Once everyone is on board, the benefits to the team and your families will outweigh the hurdles and growing pains of using a new system!

#3. Ask your staff for a commitment to follow through

After you tell your team, sit down individually with each team member to go over questions and concerns. You want to make sure everyone feels heard. Without reassurance, they could complain, which can affect morale and trust in the new system!

Once problems are addressed, ask if they are committed to helping you make this new system work. Tell them you need their help! Their verbal commitment will go a long way to ensuring the success of your change.

#4. Hold team meetings regularly

Why hold regular meetings? You can address any issues from the previous week and remind team members of the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date information on every case.

Regular team meetings will allow you to hold staff accountable to the new system and encourage them to continue working toward improving the tracking process. Team meetings should also be a space to celebrate successes! This can allow your staff to learn from others and determine what’s working. You can even ask your staff members about improving tracking processes once they’re familiar with the tool.

Getting started with Passare's tracking system

Now that you have learned some tactics that might help your staff buy into this change, it’s time to commit to it!

Let’s refresh on some of the key benefits of implementing a digital barcode tracking system:

Reduces the risk of costly errors

Keeps everyone on your staff up-to-date

Helps prevent losing or misplacing valuable or sentimental items

Ensures that you are providing the highest level of service to your families

Ready to get tracking with Passare? You can do all that and more in Passare’s all-in-one case management solution. Simply submit the form below, and one of our team members will reach out to schedule a time to show you the platform.