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eSignature Tools for Funeral Homes: The Good, The Bad, and The Inefficient

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During the pandemic, businesses had to find digital ways to connect with customers. Funeral homes were no exception, and many had to find ways to serve families without the ability to meet face to face. 

And when it came to paperwork, funeral homes either decided to mail out documents or gather them electronically with eSignatures. 

A 2020 report from Forrester Research found that:

2020 was four years ago, and the use of technology like eSignatures has only grown. In 2023 alone, Passare collected 16,000+ electronic signatures from families. 

eSignatures free up your time, eliminate double data entry, keep you organized, and are convenient for your families. But choosing the right tool can be a challenge.

This article explores 3 options that funeral directors use to gather signatures.

You'll discover that some options are more efficient than others…

The Bad: Print, sign, scan, email, repeat

Manually gathering signatures takes time, and it can be stressful for both you and the family.

What if the family doesn't have access to a printer? And if you have to mail the documents out of state, how can you know the person who signed the forms is who they say they are?

This method of gathering signatures is stressful for both you and the family. Austin Muir, funeral director at McDougal Funeral Home, summed it up best:

"We have so many forms and paperwork that need signatures. Before Passare, out-of-state families had to get legal paperwork notarized by their state. That's inconvenient for people with so much going on during such a difficult time."

- Austin Muir, Funeral Director

McDougal Funeral Home

Like Austin said, the print, sign, and scan method isn't as convenient as it used to be. And with 34% of families living 100+ miles away from their loved one that's passed, getting signatures from families out-of-state isn't a one-time occurrence for most funeral homes.

The Inefficient: Third-party tools

Third-party tools, like DocuSign or PandaDoc, are well-oiled machines when collecting signatures because that's exactly why they were designed. These tools are simple to use but require additional steps to work with case management software. Plus, they are an extra expense for your funeral home, especially if you have to pay for upgraded features.

Though using a signing tool is better than not, with these options, you’d still have to go through extra steps to connect signed forms to your case management system.


The Good: A tool built into your funeral home software

When it comes to any task in your funeral home, maximum efficiency is what you need. And with an eSignature tool built into your case management software, you get exactly that!

In Passare, funeral directors and families work together in our online, at-need planning tool, Planning Center. While there, families can work on everything from uploading photos to signing paperwork. 

"We use eSignatures quite a bit. Especially since we've been serving families that either don't want to come to the funeral home or are out of town. That feature helps a lot with getting all the signatures we need for cremation, our contracts, and other required paperwork. The Planning Center, in general, is extremely helpful."

-Gary Rigdon, Owner, Funeral Director & Embalmer

Brownfield Funeral Home, Brownfield, TX

Still not sure which option is best for your funeral home?  Check out this pros and cons chart that can help you identify the perfect tool for your business. → 

Get signatures faster and easier

There are several different methods businesses can use to gather signatures. With all the forms you need from each family, it's important to look for a tool that's easy for everyone.

If you're looking for the most efficient way to complete paperwork that's easy for families to use, a high-quality, built-in tool is perfect for you.

With Passare's eSignature tool you'll spend less time on paperwork, eliminate double entry, stay organized, and so much more.

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