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How to Keep the Momentum with Software Implementation


How to Keep the Momentum with Software Implementation

Before we get ahead of ourselves and start talking about the next steps in your implementation process –make sure you have read the first blog in our series: Implementation: 3 Steps to Prepare for Takeoff.

So, you may be wondering, what happens after committing to launching new case management software?

There’s the old saying, “Out with the old, in with the new.”

Avoid taking that approach! 😆

Sure, you might want to completely ditch your old processes to implement brand-new ones because you’re excited to hit the ground running.

But the key to successful implementation is incorporating some of your old processes that have served your business and your families well. This will also create stability for your staff. But it doesn’t end there.

To take the next steps in the implementation process, you must understand your software and processes. From there, the setup work begins, and you are that much closer to a successful launch!

Here are 3 steps to keep up implementation!

#1. Define basic use and processes

Think specifically about how you and your team will use Passare.

You can do a lot with the platform, but you won’t use every feature on day 1. That’s perfectly normal. No one software platform is exactly the same, so the processes you used in your old software (if you had one) will not look the same in Passare.

But don’t worry! We’ll walk you through every step of the way. You are the expert in your processes, and we are trained to know what Passare has to offer.

For example, maybe you have a tracking system set in place, but you want more up-to-date information at your fingertips. We can help integrate our digital barcode tracking tool in your business. By working together, we will create a unique plan that is custom fit to your business and the families you support.

And when it comes to your processes, you’ll have to ask yourself many questions, including: What information will your staff have access to? Who will enter information in Passare? What forms will you need?

Like we mentioned above, we’ll support you every step of the way!

#2. Send in your setup items

When getting started, one of the biggest problems new customers face is sending in the right items needed for setup. Waiting to send in these items can stall the momentum of getting up and running. We want to help you avoid that!

There are 4 main items needed:

  • Price lists - This includes lists like your General Price List, but also any casket, urn, or vault price lists.

  • Chart of Accounts (COA) - If you plan to send financial information from Passare to your accountant or accounting software, then your COA will need to be set up.

  • Forms - We will set up your contract as a standard or custom contract template, including all government and custom forms. We have over 1,000 forms in our library that you can pick from. We likely have what you’re looking for, so check there first or ask your Implementation Manager for help!

  • Logos - Lastly, we will need to get a high-resolution logo for your organization. This logo will be placed within Passare, where you’ll see it each time you log in. It will also be displayed in Planning Center for families to see and can be populated on your paperwork.

💡 Pro tip: Many funeral homes view this step as an opportunity to update price lists, chart of accounts, or forms. DO NOT DO THIS! You have already committed to a big project launching Passare. You do not want to add more to your to-do list right now. We have seen numerous customers lose momentum in their implementation because they needed to update one thing that took months to achieve. Save that project for another day.

#3. Check your instance

You’ve almost reached the finish line! At this point, everything in your platform should be set up and ready to launch. The next step is to meet with your Implementation Manager to review and approve everything set up for you. Before moving forward, take a moment to check and approve key elements in your Passare instance (your funeral home’s Passare account) that you will want to review before launch, including:

  • Accounting - Is the export out of Passare working for your accountant or accounting software?

  • Forms - Are they all populating correctly? Are there any forms missing?

  • Integrations - Are all of your integrations set up and working properly?

  • Price List - Do all the items appear correctly on your contract? Are there any missing items?

  • Reporting - Do you have all the reports you are accustomed to running your business with?

  • Roles & Permissions - Are all the roles you need already set up and ready to be applied to your staff?

It will also help to create a few cases and run them through the processes you previously defined to make sure there are no gaps before we communicate those processes to your team.

Keep moving forward

We never want you to feel like your previous way of running your business wasn’t cutting it. Which is why, in your implementation plan, we spend time determining the old processes and new features that will serve you, your business, and your families well.

And then, of course, we won’t leave you in orbit you once the decisions have been made! We will continue to partner with you to make sure you can keep the momentum for launch going strong!