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Implementation: 3 Steps to Prepare for Takeoff


Implementation 3 Steps to Prepare for Takeoff

Your funeral home has a long history of caring for families. And in order to keep serving families with excellence, you know that you have to change certain parts of your business.

By investing in cutting-edge funeral home software, you’ve set your business up for success and continued to prioritize your care for families. We wish more funeral homes were like you!

But signing up for new software without fully understanding how it works can be like purchasing a new car without knowing how to operate all the features. You may have a great tool for your funeral home, but it won’t help your business grow or improve your care for families if you don’t know how to confidently and successfully use it.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this adventure! We’ll work with you to get you up and running with the most advanced collaboration software available.

But before we get too far along, let’s talk about laying a solid foundation for a positive implementation. We’ve learned that funeral homes that focus on these 3 steps often find success with their new software!

By getting to know your implementation team, clarifying your why, and communicating openly with your team, you’ll see that launching your new funeral home software can be simple and efficient and lead to new benefits for everyone!

Here’s what we mean.

Starting your launch plan 🚀

We aim to help you get up and running with Passare in 30 days. Every launch plan looks a little bit different, depending on:

  • How many locations you have

  • How many staff members you have to train

  • What software you’re moving from

  • And more

Though every launch plan looks different, we’ll create a custom plan for your funeral home that meets your specific needs and timeline. Here’s how.

#1. Get to know your implementation team

Let’s get familiar with the key players on Passare’s team…think of us as ground control. You will be working with:

  • The Account Executive: This person helped introduce you to Passare by explaining all the features and benefits the software could give your funeral home.

  • The Implementation Manager: This person makes sure your launch plan remains on schedule and that all the information in your Passare account (price lists, forms, accounting, etc.) is set up correctly for you and your team.

Now that we’ve identified our team, let’s look at the important members of your team in helping your funeral home transition to new software. Your 2 key players are:

  • “The Boss”: This person is likely you if you’re in a leadership position within your funeral home. Since change works best from the top down, show the rest of the staff how helpful Passare can be and that you’ll check in with them to make sure they feel comfortable with any new processes.

  • “The Champion”: This person is the main contact with Passare and will help set up the plan. They will provide a list of all the items that need to be set up in the platform, review them once they’re configured, and schedule training for the rest of the staff. 

:light_bulb_on: Depending on the size of your team, “The Boss” might also be “The Champion.” Multiple Champions might represent various teams for larger organizations, such as funeral directors, administrative staff, or accounting.

“The Champion” needs to be able to commit the time needed to work with Passare to get the platform set up.

#2. Clarify your "WHY"

With the first step underway, the second thing that your team needs to know is why you have decided to switch to Passare. Remember that your staff might understand the business benefits of switching to Passare, like creating efficiency, better insight, and saving time. However, what really matters to them is how it will affect their daily tasks. By explaining the reasons behind the change, you can show your staff how Passare will help your funeral home, the staff, and families.

Try to answer these two questions for your team: 

  1. How will this make my job easier?

  2. How will it help me serve my families better? 

Our blog has plenty of examples of how Passare can help your employees. Visit our blog to read several testimonials from funeral homes who have experienced the benefits of working with us!

#3. Communicate openly with your team

To be effective, the answers above need to come from “The Boss.” Your staff will have many questions, so communicate what you know, but remember that it is OK for you to tell them, “I don’t know yet, but let me get back to you.” :slight_smile:

While communicating specifics is unnecessary, your staff trusts that you are being open, transparent, and working toward finding solutions for everyone.

Ready, set, launch 🚀

Our goal is to make your switch to Passare as smooth and simple as possible. Following this plan will help you avoid getting stuck between your old process and Passare. Following the steps outlined, we’ll help you take flight with Passare as quickly as possible.

We’ll have more blogs on how to successfully implement Passare into your funeral home. Be on the lookout for more helpful tips to ensure a successful launch! :rocket: