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5 Steps for Successful Implementation: Gaining Staff Buy-In

5 Steps for Successful Implementation Gaining Staff Buy-In

Getting a new software system up and running is no small feat. It’s been reported that businesses that try to undergo massive change have a success rate of less than 30%. Couple that with a digital change, and the percentage drops to only 16% success.

We’d venture to say that stats like these may discourage many funeral professionals from exploring the benefits of new case management software. We get it.

For that very reason, we are committed to giving you the support you need from the get-go. Success rates increase when proper support is provided and your staff is willing to hop on board. But what’s the best way to get staff buy-in?

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Now let’s discuss 5 steps to help get your staff on board and excited to implement Passare!

How to gain buy-in from staff

Any new process or procedure is a big change for your staff. For a smooth transition to Passare, take these steps to gain buy-in from your entire team.


#1. Share the benefits

Learning how to do something new can take a lot of work. Once you’ve communicated the “why” behind the changes, your staff can see how Passare will make their job easier and more convenient.

Still, it’s normal for your team to feel uneasy. Build confidence by explaining some of the benefits of Passare, such as:

  • Time-saving efficiencies, like cutting down on data entry

  • Accessibility to cases

  • Collaborating with team members and families (Check out and be even more prepared for your staff with more benefits over just this one topic here.)

Your implementation manager can also help explain the benefits!


#2. Clarify the changes

Chances are, if you’re this far into the process, you have already done the work to decide which processes are sticking around and which ones are getting updated.

Now, you need to share that information with the team. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Let them know how each change will affect their day to day.

  • Be specific about describing the features.

  • Be prepared to have some justification behind each choice made along the way.

  • Be direct about the changing processes and address their questions and concerns. 

Give your staff time to get adjusted. They need the chance to get up to speed!


#3. Outline training and opportunities for practice

It’s a good idea to set aside some time for your staff to receive training and have a chance to practice using Passare. The more familiar they are with the features and functions, the more confident they will feel using the software with their cases! 

Again, if you have been mulling this decision over, you have a better grasp of the features. Your staff needs the same opportunities.

Hands-on training and practice are the best way to set everyone up for success. These trainings might even shed some light on possible trouble spots that require more attention.

💡 Tip: Practice on fake cases to iron out some of those kinks before you face families in person!


#4. Provide a launch date

If you’ve addressed the steps above, your staff should feel prepared to begin using Passare. Give everyone a date to start introducing Passare to families!

Assure everyone that even after launch, they still have complete support!


#5. Reward your team

Passare is only as good as the people using it every day! It’s human nature to want to be rewarded for taking on new challenges and changes with a positive attitude and eagerness. Reward your staff members who are embracing the switch!

Public rewards send a message loud and clear to other team members of your expectations when jumping on board.

A reward could be as simple as offering the “best” user a gift card or celebrating milestones with your team, like “100 families invited to Planning Center” or “100 cases processed through Passare.” Give your team a goal and see what they can do!

Your staff also needs to understand that refusing to learn how to use Passare is not an option. Work towards focusing on the positive and incentivizing rewards. The implementation and success of Passare will be affected if someone isn’t committed to the new processes.



Committed staff equals a successful launch

As we’ve mentioned many times, our biggest priority is making sure that you are set up for success before, during, and after implementation.

Gaining staff buy-in is huge for a smooth and exciting launch, and we hope these tips will help everyone on your team feel prepared to go live with Passare. 🎉

Keep checking back for our final blog in our Implementation series. Spoiler alert: It’s all about GO TIME! 👏