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The Power of Website Integrations: 3 Key Benefits Revealed

The Power of Website Integrations 3 Key Benefits Revealed

As a busy funeral professional, it’s not news to you that efficiency is the key to success.

Imagine a seamless workflow, where your case management software and website work hand in hand, reducing errors, simplifying processes, and give you time back in the day to focus on what truly matters.

This dream can become a reality with website integrations!

By integrating your case management software with your website, you can revolutionize the way you work, eliminate redundant data entry, and unlock a world of possibilities for increased productivity and effectiveness.

In this article, you’ll learn how a website integration works, the main benefits of using one, and how you can increase overall efficiency by integrating your website with Passare. Let's get to it! 


What is a website integration?

Before we dive into the key benefits, it's important to know what a website integration is and how it works. 

A website integration allows you to pull information directly from your case management system and sync it straight to your website without ever leaving the platform.

That's right - no more extra data entry. 👏 You can effortlessly sync the information to your website with just a few clicks.

Not using a website provider? Learn about the benefits of having a custom website in this article. 


3 key benefits of using website integrations 

Now that you know how a website integration works, here are 3 key benefits of using them in your funeral home:

#1: Reduce risk of errors 

If you have to input the same data repeatedly on different platforms, there is a greater chance of making errors. Integrations minimize the chance for error because when you enter the information accurately in your case management software, it syncs correctly across all platforms, including your website.

Listen to how this funeral director has seen a decrease in errors using automation in Passare:


"We enter information once, hit the sync button, and the information goes everywhere it needs to go. This capability has streamlined our entire data entry process, and we never have to worry if everything is correct. I always say, 'If it's correct in Passare, it's correct everywhere else, from your websites to your forms.'"

-Matthew Fiorillo CFSP, President and CEO

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#2: Eliminate unnecessary data entry 

If we had to guess, you didn’t get into the funeral profession to type the same information over and over again. With website integrations, you can cut down on unnecessary data entry by syncing information directly to your website from your case management software.

Say goodbye to the chore of duplicating data and hello to a more efficient workflow!

This funeral home manager emphasizes how convenient website integrations have been in Passare:


"I can't tell you how much I enjoy being able to press one button and see information pushed directly onto our website."

-Bryan Hicks, General Manager and Funeral Director

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#3: Save loads of time

Okay, maybe we should have put this point first. 😆 One of the most significant benefits of website integrations is their ability to save you time.

Whether publishing obituaries to your website or updating service details, website integrations automate the task for you. This way, you make accurate website updates quickly, giving you more time to focus on serving families. 

Here’s how one funeral director has saved time integrating Tukios with Passare:


"The Tukios integration has simplified how we publish obituaries on our website. For example, our families can log in to Passare's Planning Center and submit the obituary. Then, all we have to do is sync it to Tukios from Passare. The integration pulls all the information, including the names, obituary, and services, making publishing things to our website much quicker."

-Austin Muir, Funeral Director

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Save time with Passare

Passare integrates with several web providers so that funeral homes can slash time spent on data entry and publish obituaries and other information straight from Passare to their website! Check out this impressive list of the website providers that Passare integrates with:

  • Batesville

  • funeralOne

  • CFS

  • Funeral innovations

  • Tukios

  • MKJ marketing

  • Legacy

  • Gemini Graphics

  • Leap Tie

  • Frazer Consultants

See our full list of integrations partners here →


Ready to get started?

Integrating your case management software with your website can reduce the risk of errors, eliminate unnecessary data entry, and ultimately get more time back in your day for more important tasks. 

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For the Passare user who wants to start using website integrations...

You can integrate Passare with your website provider today! Read about how to integrate Passare with any of our website partners here, or reach out to support team if you have specific questions about setting up an integration.