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What No One Tells You About Data Security

How Passare Protects your Data

As funeral homes transition into the digital age, finding the right secure software to manage cases becomes more important than ever.

Yes, software should improve your efficiency. But what good is it if it doesn’t keep all your data safe?

According to Tech Jury, 64% of businesses have experienced some sort of cyberattack, including malware or email phishing attempts.

Cyberattacks on businesses are common. And with all the highly personal information your funeral home collects, you could be a target for hackers. Think of all they could do with all the names, addresses, and social security numbers in your system…

The good news is secure software can help! With it, you can keep your data safe. But how do you know if your information is protected?

Here are 3 key measures your software company should be taking to keep your data safe.

#1. Emphasize security

When it comes to sensitive information, security should be a software company’s top priority!

Here are 2 security efforts every software company should take (and what you should look for!):


Think of encryption as a secret vault. The vault has a special access code. Only you have this code to hand out to the right people. Secret codes are tricky to unlock without the right passcode. Hackers won’t be able to understand your information with the magic password. So, when looking for software, ensure it has encryption to keep your data locked and loaded.


Data protection means ensuring that the software provider follows rules and regulations to keep your personal information safe. They should have strong security measures to protect your data and respect your privacy. This way, you can trust that your personal information is handled correctly and kept secure.

#2. Protect access

The second measure a software company should take to keep your data safe has to do with access. Imagine you’re hosting an exclusive party for your data. Access control is the bouncer that decides who gets in and who doesn't. You can also take it up a notch and decide who gets to sit in the VIP section by assigning different access levels for different people.

Not everyone in your organization needs access to all sensitive data. You should have complete control over who can see and edit your data, keeping it safe and secure.

By having the option to grant restricted access to specific individuals, you can minimize the risk of unauthorized access or accidental data breaches.

It feels like having your own personal bodyguard for your information!

#3 Have backups

The last measure has to do with backing up information. We know (or should know) to prioritize updating our phones and computers to keep them running smoothly. It turns out regular security updates do the same for your data! Frequent updates ensure your information stays safe from computer problems.

Automatic backups give peace of mind. Even if something terrible happens, like your computer crashing, you still have a backup of all your essential information. It’s like having a safety net for your data so you never have to worry about losing it.

We have heard stories about funeral directors losing their data when computer hard drives crash. If the data is not backed up, there is no way for all of that information to be recovered from the damaged hard drive.

Luckily, you don’t have to be one of those funeral directors because there are measures your software can implement to keep your data secure.

Not sure how to know if your software company is taking these measures? Visit this article to see 11 questions to ask:


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Investing in a secure software solution protects your families' sensitive information and strengthens your reputation as a trustworthy funeral home.

At Passare, we’re committed to data security and protecting your information (read our commitment here). All your data is safely stored in the cloud so you never have to worry. Plus, being able to access your files from anywhere will help you provide better service to families!

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