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Passare® Announces New Integration with the Pennsylvania Electronic Death Registration System

January 12, 2021

Feature image of Passare® Announces New Integration with the Pennsylvania Electronic Death Registration System

Abilene, TX – January 12, 2021 – Passare, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the first-ever integration with a state’s electronic death registration (EDRS) system in Pennsylvania. Passare collaborated with the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association (PFDA) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health to make this integration a reality. With this integration, Passare users can now quickly and easily submit death certification information with a few clicks.  

We are thrilled to offer our Pennsylvania clients this groundbreaking integration,” said Josh McQueen, Vice President of Product at Passare. “No other administration system has ever attempted to integrate with a state’s EDRS system, making this the first integration of its kind. And Pennsylvania is the first state to offer an API that makes this integration possible.” 

Passare is the funeral profession’s only collaboration system with integrated case management, offering a best-in-class experience for funeral professionals and the families they serve. The EDRS integration allows Pennsylvania funeral directors to sync case information directly into the PA EDRS system to help save time, increase accuracy, and eliminate duplicate data entry into multiple systems.

In addition to the EDRS integration, Passare offers dozens of integrations with leading funeral home partners to help funeral directors save time and streamline processes. 

This is a sign of things to come,” McQueen continued. “In the future, we are looking forward to integrating with other state registration systems as opportunities present themselves.” 

To learn more about this feature, please visit more information about Passare’s cloud-based collaboration software with built-in business management tools, request a demo today! 


One of the greatest challenges in the funeral profession today is communication with today’s tech-savvy families and access to accurate, timely information when and where you need it. To meet this need, Passare offers the funeral profession’s only funeral home collaboration software with integrated business management tools. Through Passare, funeral directors can connect and communicate with families and access case information anytime, anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Offering unlimited users, devices, and updates, Passare is helping funeral staff to streamline processes, save time, and spend more quality time with the families they serve and with their own families at home.