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3 Things Costing You Time in Your Funeral Home


3 Things Costing Time - HeaderWritten by Kelsey Swearingen, Vice President of Passare Operations

Do you wish you could get a few hours back in your day? 

As you navigate the delicate balance between supporting grieving families and managing the logistical complexities involved in running a funeral home, you need to create efficiencies.

Without efficient processes, you’ll find yourself spending more time on mundane tasks like data entry and less time with families.

With the right technology, you can keep track of important details, simplify processes, and have meaningful conversations with families sooner. And most importantly, save time while you’re doing it.

In this article, you’ll learn about 3 common inefficiencies and the technology you can implement to eliminate them.  

Common inefficiency #1: Not managing reports digitally

Not Managing Digitally

You work hard to help families through their hardest days and create meaningful services. But this takes up a lot of time, which means reporting and analytics fall by the wayside.  

I am constantly surprised at how often I see funeral homes track accounts receivable on a yellow notepad with a #2 pencil (even a coffee stain or two!). This is all fine and good until you have to spend hours re-entering all the information into your software system.

With everything else you have on your plate, you don’t have time to waste on that!

You can simplify your reporting process by creating contracts and entering payments in Passare. By doing this, you are just a few clicks away from accessing or scheduling a clean accounts receivable report that can be emailed to you daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Bye-bye yellow notepad… 👋

Plus, accounts receivable and financial reports aren’t the only reporting efficiencies you can find in Passare. You can also easily track inventory, bad debt, or create reports like a Veteran's list within minutes. This is one of the simplest processes to implement and can save you the most amount of time.  

From our prebuilt reports or ones you customize yourself, you’ll have the data to make the right business decisions. And save a bunch of time doing it.

See reports in Passare.



Common inefficiency #2: Waiting to start arrangements until the arrangement conference

Waiting to start arrangements

All too often, funeral homes wait to start gathering important details until the in-person arrangement conference.

In that short amount of time, you’re expected to gather basic information, provide personalization, and plan service details. More time on paperwork means less time discussing meaningful service details with the family.

It doesn’t have to be this way! With Passare’s Planning Center, you get a head-start on creating meaningful arrangements for the family.

With the Planning Center, you invite families to collaborate on vital information, compose the obituary, and spend time reflecting on memories before the arrangement conference. All this information can be used and discussed in the arrangement meeting to build a more personal arrangement, rather than spending all your time collecting the basics.  

Not to mention, when the family enters the information in the Planning Center, you don’t have to retype or rekey this data. This saves you time and reduces the chance of errors, allowing you to focus on building relationships and providing the emotional support that only you can offer. 

Why provide an option like this?

Though many funeral directors think families won’t want to start planning ahead of time, the data says otherwise. Statistically, we see the highest collaboration in the Planning Center between 10 PM and 2 AM. When families can’t sleep or are alone to think, that’s when they appreciate being able to plan from the comfort of home.

Give your families the opportunity to plan anytime, anywhere when you use Planning Center.

Learn more here.

Common inefficiency #3: Tracking personal items by hand


Tracking items by hand


Traditionally, tracking personal items in funeral homes involves manual recordkeeping, which is time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to access when needed.

Luckily, there’s a solution to those problems.

Barcode tracking technology.

By digitizing the process with barcode tracking technology, you can quickly input and retrieve information. It also improves your overall organization, minimizes the risk of misplaced or lost belongings, and gives your families the confidence they deserve. 

With a quick scan of your phone, Passare’s barcode tracking tool can track and manage personal items, cremated remains, and most importantly, the chain of custody for the loved ones in your care. 

 You can easily run a report of the location of all cremated remains, take pictures of personal belongings and associate it with a decedent in your care, and even provide pictures of floral arrangements received to the family for thank you cards.  

By implementing this tracking feature in Passare, you can streamline your operations and provide a higher level of accountability and peace of mind to grieving families. 

Learn more about tracking.


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Don’t waste any more time feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by inefficient processes. With Passare, you can implement these 3 time-saving processes (along with others!) in your funeral home and even save yourself some headaches.

If you’re a Passare user, take advantage of these 3 time-saving processes by letting us help you implement them today!  

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