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7 Cool Features in Passare You May Not Know About

March 2024 - blog featured images - 7 cool features

From texting to Facetiming, smartphones allow you to contact your friends and family however you want.

And if you have a smartphone, you're likely aware they are used for much more than just communicating.

For example, did you know you could rotate your iPhone screen by simply turning your head? Or use it to test batteries for remote controls?

Most of these handy features can be found by digging into your settings. But how would you find them and learn how to use them without someone telling you?

Your funeral home software is the same! There are many useful features in Passare that only take a little digging to find. But you don’t always have time to snoop around and learn new features.

Read on to discover 7 cool features in Passare that will help you improve team productivity, stay up to date on financials, manage your business, and ultimately change how you work for the better! 

Ready to dive in? Let's go!

Team productivity & organization

When getting everything done on a case, you need a way to stay organized. These first few features can help!

#1: Create the ultimate to-do list for everyone on your team.

Each case that gets worked on has a set of tasks that need to be completed. Some cases require a standard to-do list, and others require extra steps to meet the needs and requests of the family.

A detailed to-do list for your team is essential to keep everything straight.

With Checklists in Passare can help your team better monitor individual tasks. With this feature, teams learn to better track their tasks with these details, leading to a smooth funeral service and better collaboration.

Checklist blog imageEdit tasks to cover everything that's needed, and once they're done, mark tasks as complete to remove them from your to-do list! ✔️

#2: Keep a calendar for everyone or just yourself. 

When it comes to keeping up with events (personally or professionally) are you a Google calendar guru? Or do you keep a paper planner?

No matter your method, a calendar view can help you avoid overbooking yourself.

Passare's Calendar feature lets you track service times, employee schedules, time off, and more! 

Another bonus? You can even connect your personal calendar for maximum organization.

Here's how one of our customers, Jarrod Styer, has seen success using the Calendar feature in Passare:

"Before Passare's Calendar feature, every night we'd say, ‘When do we need to be there?’ That's fine to a certain point, but I knew there had to be a better way to stay organized.

Now, I can schedule a funeral on the calendar as soon as I fill out the vitals if I want to. If there's a funeral Saturday night and viewing on Friday, we can all glance at the calendar and know when to be where and what we need to prepare for."

-Jarrod Styer, Licensed Funeral Director

How Geisel Funeral Home Stays Organized with Passare

Calendar Blog Image-1

View all your events in one place…complete with color coding for those who really like to plan ahead. 😎

Accurate financials

Outsource your accounting or do it yourself? With these financial tools, getting accurate numbers to the right places is easy.

#3: Write and print checks without ever leaving the platform.

Have you ever had to manually copy over line items from a contract onto a paper check? This can become tedious and time-consuming. And if you miss or mix up a line item, you have to void the paper check and write a new one.

That's time (and paper) wasted!

With Passare's Check Writing feature, you can easily add line items from a contract and assign them to a check, print a check, and keep a digital check register. You no longer have to worry about where a check is or its status, because everything is in Passare to review.

Check writing Blog Image-1

Write checks in Passare and tie them to a specific case. 📝

#4: See bank balance and transactions at a glance. 

It's best practice to keep up with your monthly bank balance and transactions. But when you have to log in to multiple bank accounts and wade through your monthly transactions to find financial information, monthly reports become quite a chore (especially if you can't always remember your passwords right away).

You can save time by tracking account balances in Passare! With this feature, you can take a quick glance at your balance and transactions all in one place. Plus, you can easily filter by transaction type or date to get the exact information you need.

Account tracking - blog image-1

View your current balance at a glance!

Business management

#5: Manage inventory from one central place, even across multiple locations.

At your funeral home, you likely offer families different options for caskets, keepsakes, prints, and other merchandise. And if you don't accurately keep up with your inventory, you'll have to increase the time you need to get the items the family selects.

But with everything else on your to-do list, there isn't always time to track inventory manually.

With Inventory Management in Passare, you get an accurate overview of your inventory - even across multiple locations. It’s an easy way for your whole team to update items as purchased or used.

Plus, you can set up an inventory report to send straight to your inbox regularly, so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Connecting with families

When it comes to software, you also need tools that can help you improve your service to families. These features do just that! 

#6: Provide families with helpful resources in Planning Center.

When planning a funeral, families need your expertise and knowledge to plan the perfect service. Planning Center is a great tool families can use to start planning service details, but it’s also a place where you can share helpful resources with them!

In Passare's Planning Center, you can share grief resources and funeral planning essentials to help families feel prepared. You can even add travel information specific to your city so families can plan their lodging for themselves or other family members. Visit this article to learn how to add sections and resources to Planning Center. →

PC resources blog image-1

Examples of some great resource sections to add for your families.


#7: Use AI to write obituary drafts in seconds.

Sometimes, neither you nor the family have the time (or the words) to write a great obituary. But every decedent deserves a well-written obituary.

With the help of Passare's AI obituary writer, you can provide families with an excellent obituary.

Passare's AI writer takes case details entered into the software and uses them to generate obituary drafts. You can even add details to the AI generator to further personalize the obituary with interests, hobbies, accomplishments, and more. Just don’t forget to edit them!

AI obit writer blog UI-1

With AI, offer custom, detailed obituaries without sacrificing time and resources.


Benefit from these features today

Now that you've seen the benefits of some of these features in Passare, it's time to start using them! Learn how these features work by exploring the knowledge base, or contact our support team to get extra help.

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