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3 Reasons Why You Need to Read this eBook Now

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Written by Natalie Chapman, Content Creator

In a recent study we did with McKee Wallwork + Co., participants were asked if they were comfortable planning a funeral online.


Of the over 3,000+ survey takers, what percentage do you think agreed?

A. Less than 10%

B. 15%

C. 20%

D. 30%

E. 35% or higher

The answer?


36% of people feel comfortable planning a funeral online. Just 10 years ago, this number was 25%, which means there was a 44% increase in comfort.

Similarly, when asked if they prefer to plan a funeral online to in person, 20% of respondents agreed. But 33% had no preference, meaning online or in person planning was appropriate.

To us, this means that more families are wanting a way to plan online. And we have a solution that can be found in this eBook. 👇

Collaborating with Families Online is one of our most popular resources, and we’re about to tell you why.

Here are 3 reasons to download this eBook and read it today. (By the way, did we mention it’s free?)

Reason #1: Discover 3 ways families have changed

Every family is different. You will have some experiences where everything flows smoothly and reminds you of why you got into the profession to begin with. But other experiences may have you counting the days to retirement.

Despite the differences, we’ve noticed a few common trends among families that can lead to some challenges for your funeral home if you don’t have a plan in place to handle them.

1. Families are more dispersed.

How often do you meet a family where all members, friends, and relatives live in the same town?


Exactly. That’s why you need a way to connect with them online, build trust, and provide different ways to communicate.

2. Families don't always want to come in right away to plan.

When we ask funeral directors how families have changed, they usually say the same thing regardless of size or location. One funeral director we talked to said, “It used to be that when someone passed away, the family dropped everything to make arrangements for the service. Now, families want the service to be at a convenient time, scheduled around youth sports or work.”

Easily connect with today’s families during the entire arrangement process (even around youth sports schedules 😉) by collaborating online. 

Read the full eBook to find out how to reach them. >>>

3. Families want a more personalized experience

Many funeral homes only have a limited amount of time to make arrangements. And most of their time with a family is spent collecting data and basics of the funeral services and events. So, there’s little time left to listen to stories and brainstorm creative ideas with the family.

Until now! Check out our solution that will give you more time to connect with families. 

Tour our Planning Center. >>>


Reason #2: Learn how to connect with families before you meet them

To meet the needs of online planners, you’re going to need a few things:

  1. You need a way to connect with them before they ever enter your funeral home.

  2. You need a way for them to enter vital statistics, upload photos, and collaborate on the obituary.

  3. You need a way to keep your funeral home and families on the same page.

In the eBook, we go over our unique solution, Planning Center, and explain its 3 benefits:

  • How you can COLLECT basic information and how that keeps you organized

  • How families can PLAN and share their preferences

  • How you can LEARN important information well before the arrangement conference

Get the eBook here.


Reason #3: Get helpful scripts that you can use right away

When you’re ready to start connecting with families online, you want to ensure you explain the benefits to them. And of course, you want to make sure the scripts are proven to work.

In the eBook, we show you 3 ways to invite families to collaborate online and give you 3 scripts you can use with your families today.

Curious? See the scripts here, but don’t forget to download the full eBook after!


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Prepare for the next generation of planners

To end, the 36% of online planners is growing, so you need a solution that works and can grow with you. In fact, the next generation is even more accustomed to online planning. 87% of those surveyed aged 35-44 preferred online planning to in person.

Because collaborating with families is important, we created Planning Center so you can best serve whoever walks through your doors. Read the full eBook now to learn how you can start collaborating with families online to build better connections and plan the most personalized services.

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