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5 Timesaving Features Every Funeral Director Should Use

Time is a very important thing in the life of a funeral director. 

With everything you have on your to-do list each day, you need software that will help you decrease the amount of time spent on tasks like paperwork.

Read about these 5 timesaving features that can help you get more time back in your day to do what you love most about your job - serving families.

Time Saving Feat

#1. Access cases on the go with the mobile app

A mobile app is like having your funeral home files in your pocket. Take your cases on the go to review case details, see a case’s status, or even start a case from the app. Once you have it, your life as a funeral director won’t be the same without it.

If you haven’t downloaded the Passare mobile app, you need to.

#2. See anything at a glance with Dashboards

If you’re still using a physical whiteboard that’s hanging up on a wall in your funeral home, we understand - it’s hard to let go of old ways.

But you should give Passare’s dashboards a chance to make your life easier. Dashboards keep you from having to write arrangement details on the wall AND type them in Passare. We’ve even heard of some funeral home’s having a TV on the wall with Passare’s dashboard on the screen so it’s easily viewable and editable, just like a whiteboard. 

#3. Create multiple forms, deposits and payments with batch features

Why do everything individually when you can do it in a batch? Features like batch forms, batch deposits, and batch payments save you time by allowing you to do multiple actions at once.

For example, you can download and print a form for multiple cases and locations, create a batch deposit with multiple transactions to import into your accounting software, and you can add several payments for different cases in one location instead of using each case’s Payments and Adjustments page.

#4. More time to plan a meaningful service with Planning Center

Start planning with your families before the arrangement conference with this next timesaving tool. Getting involved in the planning process earlier will help families be better prepared, which means you’ll have more time to plan a meaningful service. With Planning Center, you can invite a family to plan online from wherever they are, and they can begin adding details to a case.

Whatever the family completes in Planning Center will autofill to your forms in Passare. Plus, you can get the family involved in the process by inviting them to like (or “pin”) certain merchandise, so you know their exact preferences. The best part? You can even gather signatures electronically with our eSignatures feature. No more tracking down a family about a missed dotted line. 

#5. Make faster progress on your cases with eSignatures

Getting signatures on your forms can be a challenge. You have to print, scan, and email forms back and forth, which can be confusing for some families. And signature software doesn’t make it much better. Each form has to be set up, downloaded, and then re-uploaded into your management software. That’s just a hassle. With eSignatures, you can get your signatures faster. Period.

Giving people the option to sign documents remotely grants you the freedom to keep progressing on your cases while grabbing those essential signatures in a timely manner. Plus, it’s simple for you and your families to use. You can send as many forms as you need to, to as many people as you want, with a few clicks. Just choose your forms, add the names of the signers, and hit send. With this simple signing experience, your families just have to click to add a signature. Once signed, the form will be saved in the case, so it's always there when you need it.

You get eSignatures at no extra cost, built right into Passare. What are you waiting for? Learn more here!

Get time back today

So many features in Passare were created with the intention of saving you time. Using these features will help you get more time back in your days (and weeks!) to build relationships with families, plan meaningful services, work on your business processes or even spend more time with your own family. Don’t waste any more time, get a demo today!



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