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An Owner's Guide to Passare

An Owners Guide to Passare


Tools to run your business and manage your teams


So, you're a funeral home owner...

Your email inbox stays as full as your schedule. And you're probably the king (or queen) of finding solutions to unsolved problems and unanswered questions. Plus, you manage a full-time staff, work hard to maintain a healthy business, participate in community events…you get it.

You're responsible for a lot, and often, it might feel like you need to be everywhere at once to manage your business effectively.

That's why, as an owner, you need extra visibility into the inner workings of your business. These 6 tools in Passare are must-haves!


1. Reporting that rocks

You need to know where your business stands to identify areas for improvement. One way to do that is to get accurate, timely reports to monitor business health. 

Reports can help! Stay on top of regular reporting by pulling all the information you've entered into cases to create financial, inventory, and sales reports, to name a few. You can even set up automatic reports to appear in your inbox monthly, weekly, or daily! Here are a few favorite reports from owners who use Passare:

  • Aged Accounts Receivables

  • Accounts Receivables by Director

  • Sales Reports - Detailed Sales, Items Sold, General Sales, etc.




"As an owner, I love the reporting features in Passare. I have custom reports set up, and I also use a lot of the reports that are built into the software. All of them get sent straight to my inbox, so I never have to hunt down data to figure out how my business is doing."


-Matthew Fiorillo, President and Owner at Ballard-Durand Funeral & Cremation Services

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2. Incredible integrations

You work with many vendors to ensure that each service goes smoothly. That means between your website, ordering prints, and collecting payments, you have a lot of places to enter information. 

You can integrate all these tools into your case management software to save time and reduce the risk of errors. Instead of switching between different programs to get all your information in the right places, you just enter information once, and it auto-fills everywhere it needs to go.

Passare has 30+ integrations with web providers, print companies, and more - including the only preneed-to-at-need integration with Funeral Directors Life.  

If you're not set up with integrations, contact support today and start cutting down on data entry.


3. Freeing financials

Do you find yourself writing multiple checks to the same vendor? Or constantly switching between apps just to check your bank balances? 

With Passare, managing financials is simple. You can keep all your transactions in one place, view bank balances, and know what inventory you have (and when to order more). After you set up your bank account in Passare, you can:

  • Monitor transactions and manage checks

  • Write one check to a vendor and tie it to multiple cases to save time

  • Write business checks 

With all these insights, say hello to improved efficiency. Learn more here.


white emerson - recolored"We have seen improvements and sped up processes tied to our financial piece and contracts. Passare streamlines the whole process, so it has reduced errors in the creation of family service contracts, and that's very helpful."


-Philip White, 5th Generation Owner at White Emerson Mortuary

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4. Remarkable roles & permissions

Not everyone on your team needs to have access to view or edit all your business information. Roles and permissions can help you tailor your staff's access to exactly what they need.

In Passare, you can create custom roles using different permissions. For example, funeral directors who also serve as preneed specialists may require different viewing and editing permissions from your other funeral directors. With the ability to customize roles in Passare, everyone on staff will be able to use the software to its full potential according to their role.


5. eSignature efficiency

With the invention of digital signatures, signing paperwork should be easy. But when you have to jump between different programs to complete paperwork, it becomes a hassle. With Passare's built-in eSignatures, you can quickly gather signatures without ever leaving your software.

In Passare, you can see all your forms at a glance and track the status of each form in real time without digging through paper files or emails. Plus, instead of signing every dotted line by hand, you can sign once and watch your signature auto-fill everywhere it needs to go. 



"I love the eSignature capabilities in Passare. With this feature, we can get an order of release form signed by a family whether they're across the country in California or just around the block from our funeral home. All we have to do is open the file in Passare, add the necessary information, sign it, and send it to the next of kin. Now, we can get forms back in 5 minutes with eSignatures."



-Shirley Calahan, Vice President and Owner at Calahan Funeral Home and Cremation

Transitioning from Paper to Passare: Calahan Funeral Home and Cremation's Success Story


6. App happy

Remember how we mentioned the need to be everywhere at once as a funeral home owner? While it's physically impossible to be everywhere, you can manage your business from anywhere with Passare's mobile app.

With our app, you can access cases and communicate with your team, allowing you to answer questions quickly when you're on a removal, away from the funeral home, or just on the go. 

Plus, our newest release, Mobile Messages, allows you to engage in direct conversations with families or staff members in the mobile app. That way, no matter where you go, every aspect of the planning process is handled with care. 


Bonus! Innovative ideas

While this technically isn't a feature, successful owners constantly seek out new ways to improve and grow their businesses. But great ideas don't spring out of thin air. Here are a few ways to track them down or get your creative juices flowing:


Time to own the day with Passare

You've already got the keys to your business. Now, it's time to unlock its full potential with Passare. Get a demo today and take the first step toward efficiently managing your business without the extra stress.



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