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Simplify Your Printing: The Benefits of Print Integrations

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Picture this: You've met with the family to discuss the details for the service, set a time and date for the funeral, and finalized the obituary. 

Now, you're ready to start printing the programs.

You log on to your print company’s website and start a job for the programs. After typing in all the necessary information, you give it not one but two proofreads (to catch any typos!) and then submit the job.  

And you're done! Well, you’re done with the first print request from the family. Next you have to rekey a lot of the same information to submit a job for the prayer cards. And then for a memorial poster.

Notice anything repetitive about this scenario? We'll give you a hint: unnecessary data entry. 

If we had to guess, you didn't become a funeral director to retype the same information over and over again. You can avoid extra data entry by integrating your print service with your case management software when getting all the prints for a service.

In this blog, you'll discover what print integrations are, their main benefits, and how they've helped funeral professionals save time.


What are print integrations?

Imagine a simplified workflow: Instead of switching between different programs to get all the right information in the right place, you just enter it once, and it auto-fills everywhere it needs to go.

That's what you get with software integrations! A print integration works by automatically sending case details from your case management software to your printing company of choice. 

Discover the 4 main benefits of using print integrations and read real-life examples from funeral homes using print integrations in Passare! 



4 benefits of using print integrations (with real-life examples)


#1: Eliminate unnecessary data entry.

Who loves data entry, especially when you have to retype information?! No show of hands…? 🙅‍♂️

One funeral home owner told us she used to write down everything on paper and then have to retype it onto her computer to send the information to her website, print service, and case management system. The process was time-consuming and frustrating. It doesn't have to be that way!

By integrating your print service with your software, you can eliminate unnecessary data entry and get time to do things that matter, like serve families.


Here's what Brad Holtzclaw, President at Liberty Mortuary, Inc. & Holtzclaw Custom Memorials, has to say about integrating his print service with Passare:


"Literally everything that we do now is through Passare because we type the information once, and it populates everywhere else. 

“Before Passare, we had a management software for cases, and then we used a different program to create printed materials, so there was a lot of back and forth using different computer programs for different things. Now it's all in one place."


#2: Get more flexibility.

Not all funeral home software systems work well with others, which means you might have to integrate with a print service that's not your first option—not ideal! 

With Passare, you get more flexibility to integrate with the print company of your choice. Passare integrates with Bass-Mollett's Director's Print Suite, Frazer's Tribute Center, and Messenger Make it! Personal. But if you're not using one of those, don't worry! Our Public API exists for companies to integrate with our software.

What's a Public API? A fancy way to describe a technological connection allowing two platforms to talk to one another. Learn more here →


Here's how Skip Phelps, Chief Operating Officer at Spring Grove Funeral Homes, has gotten more printing flexibility with Passare:


"We integrate Passare with our local print company. With Passare's Public API, we send data over to our print company for all our cards, signs, programs, and other print materials. This saves our media team a lot of time because they don't have to rekey all that information; they just push it over from Passare."


#3: Customize print templates how you want.

Your unique service to families, from how you've planned the service to the personalization you offer, are what sets you apart from the rest. That’s why you also need the option to customize prints the way you want them.

When you integrate your memorial printing with Passare, you can get as creative as possible when making your templates. 

Listen to what Matthew Fiorillo, President and Owner at Ballard Durand Funeral & Cremation Services, has to say about getting creative with a print integration:


"I saw Passare grow and develop the software over the years so it could meet our printing needs. With our previous software, we were boxed into a template they provided for all our print materials.

Passare isn't like that. We can get as creative as we want to with our print materials."


Simplify the print process with Passare

Integrate Passare with any of the memorial printing companies below or integrate another program through our Public API. Get ready to simplify your print process! See our print integration partners here:

Bass-Mollett Director's Print Suite ➡️

Frazer's Tribute Center ➡️

Messenger Make It! Personal ➡️


Ready to get started?

Integrating your software with your print company will save you time and reduce extra data entry! When you use Passare, you'll experience additional benefits like customization and flexibility. 

If you're not a Passare user yet, don't wait to experience great benefits like these. Get a demo today:



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