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App of the Week: Zapier

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By Amanda Williams, copywriter  “What apps do you recommend?”   This is a question that the Passare team hears quite often, and it’s understandable considering our interest in technology and the tech industry. However, trying to unpack the question “what apps do you recommend?” can become confusing given the sheer number of apps available.   That’s why […]

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Collaborating with Dispersed Families

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By Josh McQueen, Vice President of Product   There’s no denying that the buying preferences of families have changed. Families today have shifted how they prefer to communicate and interact with businesses, and industries are adapting to consumers’ changing needs even as you read this. For example, your local grocery store most likely offers online shopping […]

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Why Passare?

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Have the families you serve changed their views and perspectives on funeral service? If so, you are probably serving the new funeral consumer! In this video, Vice President of Sales Kelly Gilgenbach breaks down the profiles of new funeral consumers and explains how Passare can help you serve them. To learn more about how you […]

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Spotlight: Sheets & Childs Funeral Home

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Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration Location: Churubusco, IN Call Volume: 85 Calls/Year For more information, contact Miles Wilson at  With expansion plans on the horizon and a desire for a software that doesn’t require an internal server, Miles Wilson, Owner and Funeral Director at Sheets & Childs Funeral Home, began […]

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App of the Week: Waze

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By Amanda Williams, copywriter  Here at Passare, “technology” might be our first, middle, and last name. Recently, our VPs and team members have been keeping track of the best apps: but only the ones that are worth your time and money. Since hundreds of thousands of apps are available with the click of an “install,” […]

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